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What is an HPR?

Horizontal Property Regimes (HPRs) are becoming increasingly popular in the Nashville area. An HPR can be many things from a condo building to the often-seen “tall and skinny” developments popping up around the city. Developers are frequently making use of HPRs to address the growing demand for housing within the Nashville city limits. To setup your HPR you will require the assistance of a real estate attorney. Give us a call today to begin your HPR setup.

How Do You Create an HPR?

The Tennessee statute defining an HPR requires a document with approval from a Tennessee attorney. Now, this doesn’t directly define that attorney as a real estate attorney, but you wouldn’t go to an electrician for help with your plumbing.

The process from purchasing a single home lot to building two structures in its place is quite lengthy. There are many necessary steps such as visiting the Metro Planning Commision, securing building permits, and ensuring proper zoning.

Why You Need A Real Estate Attorney

Rochford Law & Real Estate Title helps people with the HPR process every day. Experience in lengthy and complicated processes is a great asset to the client. These developments are often on strict time constraints.

There are many hurdles to clear throughout the process and hiccups do occasionally happen. And without the guidance of an experienced real estate attorney, your progress can grind to a halt. Logistical challenges, property line disputes, and many other challenging questions can arise before the completion of construction.

Set Up A Free Consultation Today!

Give yourself the best chance at success by consulting with an experienced real estate attorney. HPRs can be confusing and having the experts at Rochford Law & Real Estate Title behind you will make the process much more smooth.

Set up a free consultation  today and learn more about how we can help you set up a Horizontal Property Regime.