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Property Condition Disclosure, Property Condition Exemption, Lead Based Paint Disclosure & More


  • Comparative market analysis
  • MLS access
  • Listing on Zillow, RedFin, and many more
  • Yard sign
  • Lock box
  • Coordination with buyer’s agent and title company
  • Solicited realtor showing feedback
  • Contract review and negotiation
  • Pricing assistance and market analysis
  • Transaction coordination
  • Legal review
  • All necessary real estate forms and contracts

What We Do

Community Realty Services, Inc. provides a single location for your listing, legal and title services at an affordable price. We offer top-quality real estate services to our community. Get the proper guidance you need in the ever-changing Middle Tennessee real estate market.


Working with an agent that charges a flat fee is a great way for sellers to potentially save thousands of dollars in commissions while still retaining the services of a real estate agent. Flat fee agents are set apart from typical listing agents because a percentage commission rate is not charged. Instead, for a flat fee, agents will provide essential services to assist sellers in listing and selling properties. By saving on hefty commissions, sellers can elect to work with a flat fee agent to get assistance in the real estate market while saving precious dollars.

When hiring a real estate agent, the seller of a property is responsible for paying out real estate agents’ commissions. When listing a property, the Seller and Seller’s agent determine what percentage of commission will be offered on the sale. Once this number is determined, the listing agent (agent for the Seller) and the selling agent (agent for the Buyer) will sometimes split the commission. By utilizing a listing agent at a flat fee rate, a seller can save thousands by only offering a commission to the selling agent.

For example, if you plan to list your property for $800,000 at a 7% commission rate, you may pay out $50,000 in agent commissions. For many sellers, this fee could amount to thousands of dollars lost. If you choose to list your home with a flat fee listing agent, that 7% commission can be lowered to a much smaller number if the seller is only paying a commission to a buyer’s agent, netting the seller thousands in savings!

At Community Realty, we prioritize navigating our customers through smooth transactions. Our broker, John Cobb Rochford, is both a licensed real estate attorney and title agent. Mr. Rochford’s expertise in real estate law provides our clients with legal oversight and guidance in the process of listing their homes. When offers come in – this legal expertise is extremely valuable in making sure your rights are protected once your home goes under contract. Mr. Rochford also owns and operates Community Title Company, LLC. In addition to real estate and legal services, we can also process your sale through our title company and see you to close from start to finish! Consider us a one-stop-shop for all your real estate needs.

The key benefit of paying a flat fee agent to assist in the sale of your home is the guidance and MLS access that our agents can provide. By providing you with all necessary forms to get your home on the market, running comps to assist in determining listing price, providing insight on listing details, and supporting you in reviewing offers, negotiating with buyer’s agents and navigating the “under contract” phase, our flat fee services will provide the essential services a real estate agent offers at an affordable price. Access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is an additional benefit with immense value. We will add your property listing to the MLS – an online listing database that Realtors and others use to find buyers. MLS access will also automatically post your listing to various third-party listing sites like Zillow – providing you an online presence to get the word out on your property listing. Working with a flat fee agent will still allow for the savings Sellers desire as a for-sale-by-owner, but will also include assistance in aspects of your sale that matter most!

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