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Rochford Law & Real Estate Title has expertise in multiple practice areas to handle all your legal needs. With our aggressive, responsive and thorough approach, we are able to help our clients achieve success in the courtroom.
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Protect your real estate investments with our comprehensive title services. We offer title insurance and real estate closing services to safeguard your home for years to come. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to title hazards, call us today!

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We offer comprehensive legal services for all your real estate transactions. Our professionally tailored real estate law services provide the guidance, counsel and direction needed to help you succeed.

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Since 1997 John Cobb Rochford has been providing professional legal and real estate title services in Nashville, TN . John has the experience representing clients through complex real estate law transactions and helping individuals properly manage their real estate assets. If you are looking for a real estate attorney with the legal-depth and understanding to help achieve your goals, contact Rochford today.

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    Property tax will affect not only how much money you will pay for your mortgage each month, but also the final price people are willing to pay for your home should you choose to sell. Property tax is an entwined aspect of owning property. The rate at which you are taxed for your property will […]

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    Horizontal property regimes (HPRs) are a profitable opportunity for real estate investors nationwide. However, these opportunities are particularly attractive here in Nashville, TN. The potential for high-end residential closings can offer great rewards to investors who get in on the HPR market. […]

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