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Real Estate Attorney In Nashville, TN

At the Rochford Law & Real Estate Title, we have the expertise to resolve all matters of real estate law. Our Nashville Real Estate Attorneys identify the central issues in your case and determine the more appropriate course. Our clients receive personalized care and attention, coupled with professional service and effective legal counsel. Drawing from our experience Nashville real estate professionals, we provide a one-stop solution for all your real estate needs.

Real Estate Law Firm Services in Nashville

Rochford Law & Real Estate Title serves residential real estate and commercial real estate clients. Our Nashville real estate lawyers represent landlords, owners and tenants in various types of real estate disputes. By hiring our Nashville real estate lawyers, you will save money and ensure all aspects of your real estate transactions are handled with due diligence.

We offer comprehensive real estate law services including, but not limited to:

  • Real estate closings
  • Commercial lease review
  • Drafting purchase and sale agreements
  • Drafting joint property agreements

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Nashville Real Estate Law & Title Company

Consult With Our Nashville Real Estate Attorneys

Hiring a law firm to handle your real estate disputes could mean the difference between winning or losing your case. Rochford Law & Real Estate Title has years of experience preparing clients to testify and face cross-examination to achieve successful legal outcomes.

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Selling Your Property Without A Real Estate Agent?

We can help! In fact, we help with For Sale By Owner (FSBO) transactions every day. These transactions can be rewarding, lucrative, and exciting — but they can also be confusing. When you’re ready to sell a residential property, you need a Real Estate Attorney with the experience and skills that can get the job done right. At the Rochford Law & Real Estate Title in Nashville, TN, we offer comprehensive real estate solutions for clients!

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Horizontal Property Regimes Are Soaring In Popularity

Horizontal Property Regimes (HPRs) are a fast-growing real estate trend in Nashville. Multiplying the number of units on a lot is a great way to maximize your return on a property. However, the process can also be tricky.

Rochford Law & Real Estate Title assists with HPRs every day.

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Rochford Law & Real Estate Title has years of experience with the various aspects of Nashville real estate sales. We can help make the process smooth and comfortable.

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