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Title-Insurance-FAQDealing with the moving parts of real estate transactions can be a complex and painstaking process. Our title company offers professional title and property closing services to ensure all processes are conducted smoothly and effectively. Our decades of experience and attention to detail make Rochford Law & Real Estate Title, title services the best choice for your real estate transactions in and around Nashville, Tennessee.

Title Services

Assure your title is free and clear by acquiring the title services of Rochford Law & Real Estate Title. We provide you with quality, dependable and professional service, along with guidance and expertise in each phase of your real estate transactions. Our title services include:

  • Title insurance policies for you and your lender
  • Guidance and expertise throughout the title process

Get help from a title company in Nashville you can trust! Contact us today. 615.269.7676.

Closing Services

Closing is the final and most important step in real estate transactions, making it highly important that it is done correctly. We provide a variety of closing services to ensure all processes operate as smoothly as possible. As part of our closing services, we will:

  • Conduct an in-depth search and examination
  • Order payoffs of mortgages and liens
  • Collect taxes and assessments
  • Seek out and obtain releases of prior liens

In addition, we can act as closing agent and fiduciary agent. We will conduct a smooth, prompt and professional closing in accordance with state and federal laws, terms of the contract and instructions of the lender.

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